Friday, November 30, 2012

Peer Mentor Reflection - Heather Walsh

Having the opportunity to become a peer mentor is amazing. I am the peer mentor for STEM Outreach and have received the Huskie Service Scholarship. I am in charge of mentoring a freshman and a transfer student. Both of them are great to work with and they are extremely reliable. We all work together to make sure the STEM office has everything they need. I have participated in STEM Fest and elementary school events. Everyone in the office is welcoming and easy to talk to. I go into the office about twice a week and I feel completely comfortable being there and completing any task they need.

I love being a peer mentor because I have always had leadership positions. I am huge on community service and I am also an Elementary Education major. Working for STEM has allowed me to help the northern community and also gain insight about science experiments and helping children. I am very proud of everything I have learned and my ability to stay organized and be a role model for my fellows. I would encourage anyone interested in becoming a Huskie Service Scholar to do so. It is extremely rewarding and you make wonderful connections.

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